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The concept of Lashkara Couture came to me about 5 years ago, but the need became apparent when I was getting married. I searched for the perfect outfit in both the US and India. After spending weeks in countless stores, I was still unable to find “The Outfit”. In fact, I was so frustrated in the last store I visited that I started crying in front of the sales associate. Seeing me so upset, he sat me down, asked what I envisioned for my special day, and told me that he would make it for me exactly as I wanted. My tears of sadness became tears of joy. My wedding day was exactly what I envision as my outfit gave me the “WOW” effect I was searching for.

It was during this episode that I first realized the need for such a service. It made me think that if I was going through such an ordeal, numerous others must be going through it was well. That’s when I decided that I wanted to help people find the perfect wedding outfit. So began Lashkara Couture.

Lashkara Couture focuses on designer and custom-made Indian wedding gowns. We work with extremely talented designers to provide a wide variety of both modern and traditional outfits at affordable prices. Lashkara Couture caters to the entire bridal party and has outfits for all members of the special occasion. Not only do we dress the couple on their wedding day, but we also carry attire for the mendhi, sangeet, raas, and reception events. Lashkara Couture also has stunning outfits for other momentous occasions. So, whenever you need “The Outfit” for that special occasion, think Lashkara Couture — designed to make your dream day a beautiful reality.

— Dipali Shah